Animal‌ and‌ robot‌ Societies‌ ‌Self-organise‌
and‌ Integrate‌ by‌ Social‌ Interaction‌ (bees‌ and‌ fish)‌

University of Zagreb – LARICS

Role within the project:

The LARICS team from the University of Zagreb plays two important roles on the ASSISIbf team. In the first part of the project, we will develop the hardware and software for the “Honeybee interaction arena”. Developed in tight collaboration with the honeybee experts from UNIGRAZ, this novel platform for etiological experimentation aims to be a real-time, adaptive “interpeter” for the language of honeybees. In the second part of the project, we will use this ability to “talk to bees” for exploring the features that make honeybee societies so robust and efficient, and adapting those features for use in technical systems.

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Stjepan Bogdan
Team Coordinator


Karlo Griparic
PhD Student

Marsela Polić PhD student

Marsela Polić
PhD student