Animal‌ and‌ robot‌ Societies‌ ‌Self-organise‌
and‌ Integrate‌ by‌ Social‌ Interaction‌ (bees‌ and‌ fish)‌

Workshop on “Steering living and life-like complex systems”

Workshop announcement: “Steering living and life-like complex systems” to be held at Arfiticial Life XV in July 2016, in Cancún, Mexico.

New technologies that exploit or emulate the unique properties of living systems have great potential, but the non-linearity and complexity exhibited by these systems render “brute force” approaches to control insufficient. An emerging collection of approaches use “steering”, whereby we continually interact with systems and attempt to move them between attractors.  This may be achieved, for instance, via manipulating the abiotic environment (e.g. in the evolution of biofilms) or by artifacts injecting social information (e.g. in bio-hybrid societies).  Understanding system dynamics and using effective leverage points can thus reduce the effort needed to retain a given desirable state.  Conceptually-related approaches are also being proposed in life-like complex adaptive systems such as regional economies, industrial networks and smart cities.


The workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in understanding and modulating complex biological and societal systems, and researchers of bio-hybrid systems are particularly encouraged to participate: the meeting would welcome perspectives focusing on methodology, ethical issues or conceptual issues in bio-hybrid systems or steering living systems more broadly.


Submissions open until 9 May! See full details of the workshop here:

The workshop is being organised by Alexandra Penn (ERIE/CECAN, Surrey), Rob Mills (ASSISIbf, Lisboa), and Emma Hart (FoCAS, Edinburgh Napier)