Animal‌ and‌ robot‌ Societies‌ ‌Self-organise‌
and‌ Integrate‌ by‌ Social‌ Interaction‌ (bees‌ and‌ fish)‌


“Engenieering and evolution of bio-hybrid societies” was the call and for a few days participants from all over the globe came to Graz to attend the ASSISIbf Summer School 2017 that took place from the 29th until the 31st of August.

With five lectures and six practicals to choose from, the goal of this summer school was to look beyond bio-inspired systems and develop technologies that can interact in a symbiotic way with the animal world.
The four different tasks, that the attendants were expected to do, were structured in preparation work, that consisted mostly of paper reading, in talks, which the attendants should visit to find solutions and interesting facts for their practicals, the practicals themselves, and last but not least in the analysis and reporting task, in which the participants could present their achievements.


In more than 40 hours of work and with more than 25 dedicated people we can say, that this summer school was productive in many ways, far more than just on a technical level. We were able to establish contacts amongst the attendants and also amongst the teaching staff during needed coffee breaks, and the atmosphere was throughout enjoyable.


To share knowledge and give insight on bio-hybrid and bio-inspired systems went more than well, and we are looking forward to more events like this in the future.