Animal‌ and‌ robot‌ Societies‌ ‌Self-organise‌
and‌ Integrate‌ by‌ Social‌ Interaction‌ (bees‌ and‌ fish)‌

Exhibition at the “Haus der Wissenschaften” in Graz, Austria

On Thursday, the 5th of July we opened an exhibition at the “Haus der Wissenschaften” in Graz.
There we presented the winner logo of our Logo contest and the project ASSISI_bf.
In order to demonstrate the swarm algorithms used in ASSISI to the public, we built an interactive multitouch table running some of our swarm algorithms. The table is located at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Graz and will be displayed to numerous students over the coming months. The students are able to interact with the swarm by touching the surface of the table and can clearly see how the swarm reacts to these external influences. We hope that the students will get a sense of excitement, like children looking under rocks and observing how ants forage for food, and implicitly grasping the concept of swarm algorithms more easily than with traditional methods like pictures, movies of simulations and text